Learn How to Win Free Spins Online With These Simple Tips

It's hard to find an online player who feels hard done with the bonuses they receive on their online casino of choice. Even so, you are bound to find the odd player who does not know how to win free spins, how to claim, or where to find them. That's why you need us to point you in the right direction. We have the inside scoop on all the online casinos where you can play for real money without actually making a deposit. In this piece, we shall enlighten you on the tricks that pay off when it's time for online bonus hunting.

Free Spins and How They Work


New players probably don't have a single clue how free spins work. Well, free spins, as the name suggests, let you spin the reels for a selection of slots without having to risk your bankroll. When introduced, free spins were supposed to introduce players to new slots they might not have thought to try out.

With rising popularity, and more players looking to win free spins, they were then inculcated into the standard promotion program for your typical casino. Now players win free promo spins as a welcome bonus on some casinos. Other sites let you win free spins but with codes, which we shall discuss later in this piece. All in all, bonuses that let you spin the reels are only free if they do not have a caveat that needs you to make a deposit.

How to Win Free Bonus Spins at Different Casinos

Savvy online players are always looking for new cheats that let them take advantage of multiple casino offers. It's one of the smartest ways to enjoy online gambling without having to spend your hard-earned cash. There are several ways to stay up to speed with the latest free spins available online.

1) Follow Trusted Casino Blogs

Blogs are there to inform you on topics you like to follow. Casino blogs will not only explain the various popular games and bonuses but also give you updates on new rewards you need to be claiming. The only drawback to trusting online blogs with information like this is the salvo of fake blogs interested only in clicks. As such, you need to find sites worth the time you spend online. This might be the challenging part, but you will thank yourself for the arduous work that comes before finding the ideal site for your bonus news.

2) Find A Good Casino with Legitimate Rewards

One of the toughest things about finding online bonuses has to be the fusillade of online casinos looking to cash in on the online gambling boom. A legitimate casino supplies you with all the information you need about the bonuses you claim, as opposed to unscrupulous online casinos that will hide the wagering requirements until it's time to claim your winnings. With a reliable casino, you might not even think to look elsewhere because the rewards keep flowing, and you have a real chance of winning cash. We advise that you sign up for email notification whenever you find yourself a casino you can trust; that way, you are always in the know as soon as new promotions roll out.

3) Win Free Spins with Bonus Codes

These are among the most common types of free spins out there. Players can only redeem free spins with bonus codes attached once they have the promo code. Such free spins are mostly found on casino blogs working as affiliates to online casinos. The code attached to your bonus serves to identify the online site you sourced your reward from. Redeeming these kinds of prizes is straightforward as the casino asks for your bonus code as soon as you click on the bonus. You only have to remember your bonus code, to win free spins in this case.

How to Claim Your Bonus When You Win Free Spins


Claiming free spins takes the press of a button. Every online casino has a promotions page listing all the available prizes. Find the reward you want and click on it to redeem the prize. Insert a promo code at this stage if the bonus carries such codes to complete the process. You don't have to worry about claiming multiple rewards from the same casino as this is possible as long as you are eligible to receive said rewards.

Can You Win Real Money?

The simple answer is a resounding yes! Free spins are virtually there to give you the chance of winning real money without spending your own. As a bonus for casinos, free spins allow you to win real money every time you spin the reels. Be on the lookout to win free online spins as many times as you can because these give you a higher chance of winning.


Free spins are one of the most loved bonuses if you ask any gambler who plays online. The best thing about free spins is that in a game of chance, one spin could be all the luck you need to change your fortunes. Go ahead and try some risk-free bonuses online to get a taste of this bonus.