Top Hacks to Cheat at Online Slots


They say the house always wins. It's an adage that casino players and owners alike know all too well. Talk like this discourages many players who keep losing when playing online. Every player dreams of constant wins, but those that achieve this feat are few and far between. In this piece, we share some ways to cheat at online slots. Follow closely to learn some tricks of the trade.

Stay Away from Progressive Slots

This has to do with the payout ratios for the slot you play. Interlinked slots often have lower payout ratios due to the pooling of funds. Thus the average payouts to players go lower per slot. Casinos advertise the large jackpot to get you to play these slots. Even so, you are better off playing single titles where you have more chances of winning. To win on a progressive slot, you would have to play all the combinations before getting the win. Thus, to cheat at online slots with progressive slots is almost impossible.

Don't Try to Beat the System

It is impossible to replicate the winning pattern for any online slot. The algorithms that go into creating the random win will take you ages to figure out even with programming knowledge. Slot machines are meant to pay out in uneven distribution. This is meant to create suspense among players as a succession of losses could quickly be followed by a big win. The uncertainty and the feeling that your next spin will bring the win keep players going even when they are losing. Attempting to predict when the system pays out might get you into a downward spiral where you're chasing your losses. Your bankroll is likely to dry up fast when your gaming takes this direction. Besides, the casino would immediately notice a malfunction and void all pays.

Find Slots with Good RTP

Return to player (RTP) is the amount of money the machine pays out versus what it takes in. For instance, if a slot has an RTP of 95%, it would pay out $0.95 out of each dollar. To put it in perspective the slot pays out $9,500,000 of every $10,000,000 of wagers placed.

Even though there is no realistic way to cheat at online slots without attracting back-end support, choosing slots with the highest RTPs is one way to raise your chances. Look for the highest paying online slots at your casino of choice and strictly stick to those. Find slots whose RTP ranges between 96% and 99%. These may be hard to find because most casinos like to stock games that increase their bottom line. However, proper, time-served casinos have several of these for the savvy player who is not swayed by catchy titles and flashy graphics when playing slots online.

Bonus Abuse


This is probably the most threatening you can get if you want to cheat at online slots. Bonus abuse is about players claiming the same bonus multiple times. The technique is typically used for welcome bonuses that don't need you to make a deposit. Players often do this to get as many free spins as they can. To some players, bonus abuse is nothing to feel guilty about if you're playing by the terms and conditions. Even so, the practice itself is not easy to pull off as you need fake identification every time you attempt to cheat at online slots at a registered casino. Players devoted to the con might find fake identification to claim bonuses with, but this can only go on for so long. Unregistered casinos are more susceptible to such scams as they have no regulation. Cryptocurrencies also create a loophole for bonus abuse since transactions are done anonymously; thus, the casino cannot track accounts in any way, shape, or form.

Don't Wager Everything in Your Account

Players often feel like they have to play until they have no bankroll at all to wager with. This could not be further from the truth. Contrarywise, you are expected to take a break from playing when your bankroll reduces to a certain amount. Such careless betting is often common in players with large bonuses that make it feel like you have the bankroll for reckless betting. Save your bankroll for another time, and you never know, you might just walk into a big win when you come back after a break.


Online slots have come with a gamut of exciting features like top-notch graphics and plenty of variety. However, they are also better secured than the ordinary free-standing slot machine at a brick-and-mortar casino, making it harder to cheat at online slots. Some of the best ways to beat online slots have to do with playing smart and taking every advantage the casino gives to players.